About Us

Positive Moves is an institution born out of Entrepreneurial Zeal of young business leaders. These entrepreneurs spotted a unique opportunity arising out of the new paradigms of economic progression in the Emerging Markets. One of the first few players in the Executive Search Industry in Emerging Markets, Positive Moves has played a pivotal role in its evolution.

At Positive Moves, we believe that the foundation of an organization comprises of its people and its product.

Hiring the right leadership team, is just as important, as investing in the right product.

The firm’s history is entwined with the economic progression and transformation of emerging markets globally. Positive Moves has grown consistently and has evolved into an International player, with Global Best Practices and Client Centricity at its core.

We believe that the role of an Executive Search Firm is to partner with clients to create Shareholder Value and make sure they stay ahead of the curve. We do this, by identifying top caliber business leaders for our clients, who create and implement the road map for transformation & growth.

We are driven by the passion to explore uncharted territories – from emerging domains,to untapped markets. Positive Moves has aligned it’s geographical presence, practices, and services, to the constantly evolving client needs and business environment.

With a multi-cultural, multi linguistic team, the firm has established dominance in several key markets around the world. We have established Centers of Excellence for each domain, and a strong headhunting based cross border delivery platform. We operate on a “One Firm” philosophy, providing a single window service, and ensuring seamless delivery across borders, by mobilizing resources within our global offices.

Characterized by our clients as disruptive innovation partners, our goal is to ensure the right candidate fit to role and culture within an organization

Why choose us


Our world class in-house IT and big- data teams also allow us the capabilities of providing our clients with support services including our Assessment Centre, and tracking engagements.

Domain Competencies

Extensive domain understanding across practices developed through industry research and active engagement with business & thought leaders.

Client Representation

We understand the importance of the right representation. The profile and stature of our consultants, networking with business leaders and our image ensures the highest quality of client representation.


Personal Client focused approach which allows us to engage quickly and creatively on each and every search.

Human Capital

Supported by a team hailing from various nations, backgrounds and experiences, topped by a drive to present our best at every opportunity, our consultants bring to the table unique, global perspectives.


Unique cross-border product-offering based on a virtual headhunting execution platform that enables us to execute searches globally by moving talent across borders.

Our team