Assessment & Capability Building

In today’s hyper competitive world, having the “Right Leader, with the Right Skills, in the Right Job” is critical for unlocking value. We recognize that leadership development is a long-term journey and that even the best leaders need to continually learn to keep up with the rapidly changing environment. Our Assessment and Capability Practice is aimed at helping your leaders do just that. We enable better decisions for our customers by developing a comprehensive picture of leaders using our customized capability and competency assessment frameworks. Our approach includes a deep interview-based assessment, a psychometric assessment and building a 360⁰ view of each candidate. With our understanding of talent across 50+ countries, we also provide external benchmarks for talent. Whether it is to make leadership decisions during M&A, for succession or for development, we partner to build an objective view of your leadership talent. We help develop personalized development plans to help your leaders grow and achieve their potential.