Consumer Products and Retail

“The Future is bright”

The ever-dynamic Consumer Products and Retail sector is entering a fascinating phase – from being a playground of new technology and tools (AI, Big Data, Augmented reality etc.) to one that guides, builds and defines the omnichannel future.  Beyond industry convergence, the sector is likely to see tectonic shifts over the next decade with digital customer experience becoming mainstream, rapid investment in Industry 4.0 standards, disrupted supply chain models, sustainability and delivering value to shareholders becoming vectors of differentiation around the world.

The leaders of tomorrow have a massive opportunity to disrupt the consumers’ wallet and mind by giving them a personalized experience leading to sustained and exponential value creation.  Localization of decision-making in countries, digitizing workflows and agile ways of working across functions are enabling these leaders to unlock the inherent potential of the Consumer sector.

We at Positive Moves, harness decades of Consumer sector experience in both developed and emerging economies to deliver disruptive talent outcomes for our clients.  Our firm builds sustainable long-term value delivering partnerships with our clients through our deep engagements in Retained Executive Search and Organization Consulting.  We continuously engage in deconstructing and reconstructing futuristic Organization Design and Business Intelligence solutions which enables our clients to scale significantly while decoding challenging growth segments and markets.  We take pride in delivering talent that augments a strong foundation in traditional Consumer Product environments with successful transformational experience in the new omni-channel, data driven digital world.

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