“Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

There is awe and suspense when leaders talk about the evolution of business models, value chains and customer experience in the decade ahead.  The last decade saw many brilliant manifestations of digital convergence in e-commerce, transportation, media, co-working, payments, food delivery and others.  With a surreal optimism we prepare for the next decade, as wave upon wave of disruptive technologies hit corporations, our communities and our daily lives.  Limitless opportunities are likely to arise when new and traditional business models collide with maturing technologies such as AI, VR/AR, Robotics, Data Lakes, 3D printing, Blockchain, and 5G networks.  In every area of human endeavor, from agriculture, to transportation, to healthcare, to commerce, the future is digital.

Leaders of tomorrow must be inherently comfortable with the innovation process.  They must be strategists with a panache for seeing what is on the horizon and beyond it.  They must be avant-garde thinkers with the undying belief that you have to change from within to create the new and valuable in the future. More importantly, leaders in the convergence economy must also be rationalists, determined and hopeful of success and humble in failure.

At Positive Moves, we have a ringside view of this amazing disruptive process.  We advise leadership of global organizations on how to prepare for the technology-led wars in the marketplace.  We hire for and mentor startups and incubators that are at the forefront of the digital disruption.  Our global footprint across sectors gives us a unique vantage point to understand what works and what does not.  Across the converging ecosystems, we are helping our clients find that edge.

Talk to us to discuss how organizations are growing their digital talent pools to renovate themselves to create novel and accelerated offerings.