Financial Services

“May you live in interesting times”

Financial Services leaders have been living the “interesting times” since the global financial crisis of 2008.  The next decade will see an unprecedented disruption from the combined effects of data, technology, regulation, economic growth and volatility,  and demographic and socio-political changes. Convergence, commoditization and increasing disintermediation will force the financial sector to build new business models and find new paradigms of creating value.

The leaders of tomorrow must be tightrope artists, equally adept at balancing stakeholders’ expectations, business priorities, innovation agendas, capital risk, technology investments and regulatory demands.  More so now than ever before, the sector needs inspirational change agents who can drive forward a vision and empower diverse global teams to reshape the institutions of tomorrow.

For over two decades, Positive Moves has been a strategic search partner for leading Financial Institutions globally.  We have a consistent record of hiring transformational and growth-oriented leaders.  In addition, we help our financial services clients develop organization and talent roadmaps for data and technology led transformations. We excel at new-age roles such as Chief Product Officers, Chief Data Officers, CISO & Heads of Cybersecurity etc.

Talk to us to discuss how Financial Institutions the world over are fine-tuning their talent strategies to get ready for the next decade.