Industrial & Infrastructure Practice

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us”

The next decade is the canvas on which Industry 4.0 will be painted with broad brushstrokes.  But there are more pressing needs – tariff uncertainty is impacting the supply chain, profitable growth is still hard,  transformation fatigue is setting in and most importantly, digital remains an experiment at best for most companies.  Silver lining is that Infrastructure remains a priority for the developing world, Digital investments are rising as more success stories emerge, and more and more industrial organizations are committing to benefit the societies they serve.

Just as the conductor of symphonies do, leaders of tomorrow will create the next generation industrial enterprise orchestrating multiple new and legacy physical, economic, social, and environment systems.  The massive expected churn will need a whole new class of managers as comfortable in learning, adapting, and ideating as in precision execution and process efficiency.

Positive Moves has been a long-term search partner to a large number of Industrial and Infrastructure companies around the world.  We are pioneers in helping Asian companies find and attract top-notch global talent.  Over the years, we have developed strong advisory capabilities focused on helping traditional industrial organizations develop their human capital strategy in order to be ready for the impending digital transformation.

Talk to us to know where and why industrial enterprises need exceptional talent to be relevant in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.