Information Technology

“The only constant in technology is change”

Over the last decade, Technology has shaken the foundations of the global economy.  The next decade is about helping rebuild it.  Technology companies will be at the forefront, enabling XaaS transformation (Everything as a Service) built on hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  AI will deliver the “Smart” front-end while automation and edge computing will deliver efficiency on the back-end.  In addition, the “Culture” dimension of technology will grab headlines as privacy, security and cyber threats become global concerns.

Leaders of tomorrow have an unenviable task – continue to build new products, solutions and applications while addressing the massive skills shortages in the areas of AI, data science and software development.  In the next decade, leaders will constantly wrestle with build, buy or partner decisions as they navigate an intense competitive landscape and active regulators around the globe.

We at Positive Moves truly understand technology and the evolving data ecosystem. Change excites us – and every new search makes us to want to go deeper and learn more.  We strive to identify innovators, challengers, mavericks, change-agents and visionaries who steer their ships through the rough waters of technology change.  Tech talent is truly universal, and we have a unique view of the talent hotspots.

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