Private Equity

“Faster, Stronger, Higher”

Private Equity seems to have internalized the Olympic motto in the past decade. With over $ 1.5 Trillion deployable capital, record investor allocations and a 25-year performance streak that beats public markets, PE Funds have outpaced most other asset classes.  Today, PE funding is a mainstream option for both large as well as Small and Medium enterprises. The investments by PE firms and their role in global economic growth will continue to accelerate over the next decade. This will come with challenges – increasing competition coupled with limited assets leading to increase in asset prices and lower investor yields, carried interest, and forex volatility.

The investors of tomorrow will co-create the future with operating company leadership.  They will focus on building companies via aggregation than legacy style deal-making.  Operating companies will need sector specialists who can match operational rigor with growth clairvoyance.  Best-in-class talent will continue to flock to the sector and funds will need to make carefully thought-through choices on the best fit.

Positive Moves is a strategic search partner for PE firms globally, helping them hire leaders across all deal types – buyout, control, significant minority and strategic investments.  We understand the paradigms of value creation at PE portfolio companies, and the construct of Boards and Management teams.  Our deep experience has taught us to spot entrepreneurial skill sets that can create extraordinary shareholder value.  In addition, we have a successful global practice focused on hiring for the roles of Chairman, Independent Directors, Advisors, CEOs & CXOs for PE portfolio companies.

Talk to us to discuss how we help PE firms identify and attract entrepreneurial leaders from the industry.