Value Added Services

Positive Moves helps clients develop an understanding of talent availability, quality and key trends across diverse markets. We also help them develop a complete talent acquisition strategy in terms of getting an insight on sectors, geographies, profiles etc. Following are some of the exclusive Value Added products that we offer to our customers:

Industry Reports

These proprietary reports are the culmination of an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the industry and harnessing this veritable minefield of data into a detailed but a simplified, structured report. Our industry reports have helped clients fine-tune their expansion strategy in India, develop an accurate perspective of competition and identify select talent catchment areas to bolster their own human assets.

Compensation Data Points & Trends

For our clients we create proprietary value added products like Compensation Trend-mapping that give access to data points and trends across management levels, across multiple organizations and across geographies. By tracking how compensation moves across different corporate environments, we help clients develop strong wealth creation plans, retention based salary structures and innovative compensation solutions.

Talent Scans

Bench-marking talent is an ongoing process for us and so to give our clients the best, our effort is to understand the entire available universe of talent & the way organization structures keep evolving every year. Shaping this information into structured reports, we offer clients critical and pertinent insights into the industry talent and trends.