“All hail the 5G…”

Telecom’s race to the bottom is coming to an end.  5G, with its promise of low latency high speed technology heralding new consumer interest is expected to bring in significant innovations.  Convergence strategies will ride on 5G tech and likely future-proof carriers against the rising tide of commoditization.  OTT partnerships, IOT, Smart Homes, Connected Cars, Cyber Security, and Smart Cities are opportunities we see today with many more expected later in the decade.

The battle lines in telecom have been drawn – New-age all-IP carriers vs. Traditional players, Telco’s modern digital avatar vs. Digital native vendors and more often than not, Telco’s digital aspirations vs its own organization capabilities. Therefore, the Leaders of tomorrow will have to rewire the internal workings of their companies to have a chance at winning the convergence opportunity and transforming into a digital service provider.  The next generation talent must have an experimentation mindset and over-invest in innovative new products and services.  Fundamental models of decision making will need to be challenged and alacrity is the need of the hour.

Over the last two decades, Positive Moves has partnered with leading Telcos in both developed and developing markets and helped them find talent for their needs.  We are valued partners for our clients as an increasing number of them seek our expertise in building convergence initiatives.  Our global expertise helps us find talent which thrives in the inherent ambiguity of large-scale enterprise transformation.

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